If you are a social benefit supplier, SOS can support you to grow, pivot or connect your products and services to the right project or business

You may be surprised at the wealth of potential opportunity you have when you connect your skillset or products with a broader social layered community model.

Through collaborations with complimentary social benefit suppliers, SME’s or major projects or Industry, SOS can identify or create mutually beneficial pathways to create shared value and sustainability

Send Us an SOS If You Identify As:

  • - Aboriginal business
  • - Social enterprise
  • - Disability social enterprise
  • - Training and employment provider for those facing disadvantage
  • - Environment and sustainability businesses

Do you need help with:

  • - Capability and scalability
  • - Business development support
  • - Social innovation
  • - Tender or Implementation Support with Major projects or social housing
  • - Sourcing Socially and financially Sustainable Collaboration

Free Social Impact Workshops

Join one of our free monthly Social Impact Workshop

Free advisory support to optimise community capability outcomes

SOS understands the best way to support communities is to provide the tool and build the skill set that creates self empowerment

SOS will be providing free advisory services for social benefit suppliers (social enterprise, Aboriginal businesses and disability enterprise) to help identify sustainable solutions.

The Workshop will address:

  • - How to be agile and pivot towards opportunities
  • - Achieving social and financial sustainability
  • - How to collaborate for social good

Send us an email to reserve your space